Disobedience raps vs hostage-taker's brother stay

September 29, 2010 10:31 am 

MANILA, Sept. 28 –A Manila Metropolitan Trial Court (MeTC) judge denied on Tuesday the petition of the brother of slain hostage-taker Police Senior Inspector Rolando Mendoza to dismiss the “serious disobedience” case filed against him in connection with the Aug. 23 hostage-taking at the Quirino Grandstand in Manila.

In an open court during Tuesday's hearing, Judge Ermin Ernest Louie Miguel of the Manila Metropolitan Trial Court (MeTC) Branch 11 dismissed the Motion to Quash the information filed by Senior Police Officer 2 Gregorio Mendoza, of the Manila Traffic Enforcement Unit (MTEU,.

The judge also set the arraignment of Mendoza in October. He also disclosed the need for a full blown trial.

Miguel said that all the elements presented by the police – affidavit of Police Chief Inspector Romeo Salvador, the deputy negotiator during the hostage crisis, the incident investigation and review committee (IIRC) report, and an article in a newspaper daily, formed parts of the evidence to support the charges against SPO2 Mendoza.

SPO2 Mendoza said his lawyers would file a motion for reconsideration (MR).

“It was denied but there is a Motion for Reconsideration. I am okay. I’m relaxed,” he said.

Mendoza also defended the IIRC report amid criticism why he was spared by the committee. “These people (critics of IIRC report) do not know that he was already charged before this came out,” he said.

“I was already charged. Even if I did not do anything wrong, and I am a victim, they already charged me,” said Mendoza.

Manila Mayor Alfredo S. Lim and others questioned the IIRC report why Mendoza was not included in those liable for the hostage taking.

Meanwhile, Mendoza said he was also charged before the Manila Regional Trial Court with “Conspiracy to Commit Serious Illegal Detention.”

Fr. Robert Reyes, running priest, was also present during Tuesday’s hearing to support Mendoza.

Reports said the hostage-taker, Sr. Insp. Mendoza monitored on TV that his brother SPO2 Mendoza was being arrested. This allegedly angered the hostage-taker and he subsequently shot the hostages. (PNA) RMA/JES


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