Maritime expert says gov't, private sector must harmonize crewing strategy

August 23, 2010 11:20 am 

MANILA, Aug. 23 — So that the country could further reap the benefits of being the world's manning capital, maritime expert and former Professional Regulation Commission examiner Capt. Constatino Arcellana said that the various manning agencies, crewing organization, and government agencies task to monitor the Philippines' seafaring industry must now band together to craft and improve rules and laws that would further promote the above-mentioned sector.

Arcellana, in an interview, said that now is the time for the stakeholders in the country's seafaring industry to get their act together as the Manila Convention, the offshoot of the International Maritime Organization (IMO)'s Diplomatic Conference in the Philippines last June, is set to take effect in two years' time.

The conference resulted in the ratification of several safety, environment, and rest regulations for crews serving in the international merchant marine fleet.

He also stressed that inputs from the government and private sectors must be in accordance and not in conflict with each other.

Arcellana also pointed that rules and regulations that will be enacted here in the Philippines must closely follow to the letter guidelines laid out by the IMO in order to not to cause conflict with the implementation.

And close coordination must be done by responsible organizations so that redundancy on the proposed provision will not occur.

In a related development, Arcellana said the ratifications made in the recently concluded IMO conference in Manila will do much to further cement the country's lead in the maritime crewing business.

"We (Philippine manning agencies) are already starting to implement the safety requirements wanted by the IMO, With the ratification of the Manila Amendments, I believe that our sailors will be more focused on protecting themselves and others from the perils of the sea aside from being more conscious of protecting and preserving the marine environment," Arcellana said in Filipino. (PNA)



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