Water is a national security concern — Legarda

July 22, 2010 12:33 pm 

MANILA, July 22 -—Senator Loren Legarda on Thursday raised the alarm that water has become a national security concern and proposed the following:

—>Reforest not only mountains and watersheds, but also plant in urban areas;

—>Implement the Rainwater Collection Act;

—>Recycle water;

—>Introduce “Hydroinformatics” in schools; and

—>Clean Rivers and Bays through the initiatives of the local government units and the Metro-Manila Development Authority“The time to act is now!”

Sen. Legarda deplored the non-implementation of Republic Act No. 6716, otherwise known as the Rainwater and Spring Development Act of 1989 which has been passed twenty-one years ago.

“The law mandated the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) to “undertake the construction of water wells, rainwater collectors, development of springs and rehabilitation of existing water wells in all barangays in the Philippines in such number as may be needed and feasible,” Legarda stressed.

“Why has the DPWH not constructed wells and rainwater collectors, developed springs and rehabilitated existing water wells in the more than 40, 000 barangays during the last twenty-one years?" she added.

“If it had, the DPWH would have mitigated the effect of the recent water shortage. Rainwater collectors minimize flooding and make water available in preparation for drought,” Legarda stressed.

“Moreover, I strongly recommend that "Hydroinformatics” which is the application of information and communications technology on the efficient use of water be integrated in school curricula to generate greater awareness on water governance,” Loren claimed.

“To empower local officials – from the provincial to the barangay level to advance the greening, rehabilitation and protection of the different forest lands in our country, I filed Senate Bill No. 6 titled, the Barangay Greening and Forest Land Rehabilitation Act," Legarda concluded.

“The MMDA and the DPWH should integrate their efforts in implementing a river system rehabilitation program to recover the length of rivers lost due to settlements along Metro Manila rivers,” Legarda also pointed out.(PNA) LOR/rudyma


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