DILG budget, status of funds now on website

July 22, 2010 12:33 pm 

MANILA, July 22 — The Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) said Thursday it has already posted on the DILG website its current budget and status of funds of all the agencies under it.

DILG officials said the public can access it anytime on the DILG website at www.dilg.gov.ph.

It shows the Statement of Allotment, Obligations and Balances of the Office of the Secretary; the Philippine National Police (PNP); the National Police Commission (Napolcom); Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP);

The Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP); Philippine Public Safety College (PPSC); and Local Government Academy (LGA).

DILG Secretary Jesse M. Robredo said the publication of the budget of the Department is one of the bold initiatives of the Department not only to ensure transparency in all Department’s transactions, but, more importantly, to secure feedback from the public on “how we can judiciously utilize the funds of the DILG for their benefit.”

“We would like to give back to the public what is due them, hence, this effort of publishing our budget is our way of eliciting their views on how we can efficiently channel our remaining balance on programs and projects that would benefit them the most,” Robredo said.

The DILG Secretary pointed out that the posting of relevant information on the website does not only adhere to the constitutional provision of the public’s right to information, but it essentially aims to encourage the public to participate in governance when they give their feedback to the Department.

To institutionalize the process of transparency, the DILG Chief explained that, aside from the budget of the DILG and its attached agencies, pertinent information on the Department’s procurements, bidding and other important data will next be uploaded to the website.

DILG Financial Management Service Director Ester Aldana said that based on the data posted on the website, allotments received by the Department as of June 30, 2010 are as follows: OSEC – P2,497,574,241.72; PNP– P63,767,678,617.06; Napolcom – P1,326,799,658.25; BFP – P6,943,247,018.90; BJMP – P4,374,274,415.00; PPSC – P 940,035,315.00; and LGA – P69,976,000.00.

On the other hand, the total obligations incurred as of the same period are as follows: OSEC – P1,468,999,607.27; PNP – P36,414,767, 990.83; Napolcom – P678,615,441.30; BFP – P 3,613,667,042. 26; BJMP – P 2,255,220,927. 79; PPSC – P684,079,165.00; and LGA – P43,986,996.69.

The unobligated balance of allotment as of June 30, 2010 are as follows: OSEC – P1,033,323,723. 50; PNP – P27,352,910,626. 23; Napolcom – P648,184,216.95; BFP – P3,329,579.90; BJMP – P2,119,053,487.21; PPSC – P255,956,150.00; and LGA – P25,989,003.31. (PNA)



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