(Metro News) Marikina City Council now the Philippines’ first in globally-covered session

July 21, 2010 11:07 pm 

MANILA, July 21 — The City Council of Marikina, Metro Manila wrote history on Wednesday by going live worldwide with internet coverage during its first regular session which lasted for a little about an hour-and-a-half at the second floor of the Justice Hall.

"Marikina City is now the first Philippine city to have launched the first-ever real-time, web streaming technology which will allow live viewing of all sessions, debates and biddings in the spirit of transparency," said presiding officer Vice Mayor Jose Fabian Cadiz.

Cadiz also said with the new system, it will be easier now to uncover various anomalies allegedly done by the previous administrators.

The vice mayor said that because of the state-of-the-art information technology he and his group had painstakingly devised, people anywhere in the world can have an interactive communication between public officials and citizenry through e-tanong and e-sagot chat.

"I spent my own money (about P500,000) to make the Marikina City Council Information and Technology Center (MCCITC) a reality with my friends Joey Ramos II and Don Parma. We pooled our talent, creativity, resources, thoughts, efforts and ideas to bring this system to fruition," said Cadiz.

Cadiz added that the three of them performed manually the wiring, installation, connection and testing of equipment to make everything an exceptional Filipino information technology.

Parma said the system is not yet a hundred perfect but they are continually looking over and finding ways to make it better and clear globally.

"We have to make our invention really totally stable, safe and truly pleasing to the ears and eyes anywhere in the world," he added.

Cadiz said this is a part of the Marikina City Council's wish to have an e-Good Governance (e-GG) project of transparency, accountability and accessibility through information technology.

"With everybody watching and seeing what we're doing, it's hard to commit corruption and other graft that usually happens when certain agendas are hidden."

The features of e-GG project are:

— Live video streaming in real time sessions and public hearings though the internet by accessing www.council.marikina.gov.ph of www.marikinacity council.co.cc.

— Interactive exchange of ideas and suggestions among officials and the citizenry through the e-tanong and e-sagot.

— Provide e-linkages between government organizations (GOs), non-government organizations (NGOs) and other councils in the Philippines and abroad.

What's more, Cadiz said the MCCITC also enables the city council "to establish the Marikina City Typhoon System in coordination with the National Aeronautics Space Administration (NASA) of the United States and other international weather and meteorology organizations that are willing to lend us knowledge and logistics since we can't afford to spend much financially as a Third World country."

This system will assist Marikina to prepare for disasters and natural calamities like storms and typhoons that usually visit the country.

"With this type of knowledge and information, we can predict the weather more accurately two or three days before a storm or typhoon arrives. We don't have to suffer a repetition of the devastation that Ondoy and lately, Basyang did to us," he said. (PNA Feature) scs/LOR


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