LP stalwart sees improved governance under new administration

July 3, 2010 9:02 pm 

By Catherine J. Teves

MANILA, July 3 — A Malacanang ally is expecting to see more rationalized governance during the incumbency of President Benigno Simeon Aquino III.

"The next six years will be a drastic departure from excesses of the past nine years," Liberal Party (LP) vice president Nereus Acosta said at the Kapihan sa Sulo forum in Quezon City Saturday.

He attributed this to President Aquino's bid for instituting a no-frills, pro-people and democratic government focused on fighting corruption and on boosting development nationwide.

The President's leadership by example, his simplicity and drive for good governance "will be symbolic of the next six years," Acosta said.

On June 30, President Aquino assumed the nation's highest post with a vow to push for governance that's pro-people, anchored on democracy and free from corruption.

"Here today, we'll end leadership that's insensitive to the cry of the people," he said in his inaugural speech at Manila's Rizal Park.

To meet this target, he said government will adapt an inter-active mechanism that'll enable it to learn about people's concerns regarding his administration and matters affecting their daily lives.

He likewise committed to exemplify the ideal civil servant by treading the straight and narrow path towards good governance, believing doing so will give government officials and the public a figure to emulate.

"I won't waste the trust you gave me," he assured.

To further help guard against future corruption, Aquino sanctioned establishment of the Truth Commission (TC) tasked with gathering evidence on alleged government irregularities in the past.

"It's clear to President Aquino TC is the instrument to restore people's confidence in government and leaders," Acosta said on the forum's side.

Acosta clarified TC's work will initially focus on alleged irregularities during the nine-year incumbency of former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

TC can also eventually cover similar concerns during the years before Mrs. Arroyo ascended to power, he noted.

"We're not witch-hunting, however," Acosta clarified. "President Aquino wants clarity on various issues since people's trust in public institutions and leaders won't be restored if there's no closure to such concerns. We just want to know who's responsible for past irregularities."

To be an effective body, Acosta said TC is coordinating with the Department of Justice.

"Authorities concerned are doing the timetable for TC's work," he added.

He said this timetable will consist of short-, medium- and long-term work targets.

Acosta also assured the LP will help President Aquino, its standard bearer in the 2010 polls, push his administration's initiatives to move the country forward.

"We begin on a note of great hope and expectation," Acosta said. (PNA) scs/CJT/rsm


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