SK leaders thank PGMA

June 24, 2010 9:56 pm 

MANILA, June 24 — Four very articulate leaders of the Sangguniang Kabataan, or the youth councils, all over the country took turns in praising and thanking President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo for her full support to their needs and concerns and for championing the cause of education and environment for future generations of Filipinos.

In their separate speeches, Jane Censoria D. Cajes, president of the Sangguniang Kabataan National Federation; Marinelle Formentera, SK Federation from Parañaque representing Luzon; Karl Guisseppe Gumban of Iloilo representing SKs in the Visayas; and Jessa Lumanog, SK president for Davao del Sur, representing SKs in Mindanao, took turns in praising the steadfast leadership, the vision, the programs and projects of President Arroyo, which they said helped spur growth in the countryside.

The SKNF leaders paid a courtesy call on the outgoing Chief Executive Wednesday afternoon to bid her farewell.

“By name she is known as the President of the Republic. But in our hearts, she is the mother of SK’s empowerment. The support, trust and confidence she has extended to us and to our program have demonstrated how the statement in our Constitution is translated into action,” said Cajes.

“She has been a great mother to this nation. The motherly leadership that she exhibited during her term is definitely a unique statement of her leadership principles and philosophies,” she added.

"Through rough and trying times, we have seen how she managed to brave all challenges and how she triumphed over political battles and how she forged all the storms and turbulence," Cajes said.

For her part, Lumanog said that "the youth from Mindanao will forever be grateful to President Arroyo for the various infrastructure projects, the tourism industry, the ports, airports and seaports, the scholarship programs, the peace effort that are being implemented in different approaches and the battle to maintain and promote peace, security and peace and order in our homeland."

Gumban said “the SKs and the youth of the Visayas are grateful for your dedication and for the development that you have sowed in the humble lands of the Visayas.”

“We are thankful for the school buildings you built especially in remote barangays, the hollowed grounds where dreams, aspirations and wishes of young children are being conceived, born and nurtured,” Gumban said.

“We thank you for your efforts to attract investors to invest in the Visayas, your presence in the Visayas which made us and the people of Mindanao feel important. We value your presence and your programs,” Gumban said.

According to Gumban, the present generation and those to come, “shall experience and appreciate how you have labored for development to flourish in the Visayas area.”

Formentera, on the other hand, told the President that her “attitude towards leadership changed when she began to be inspired by a person who has gone through a lot of challenges yet remained strong, firm and decisive.”

“The person (referring to the President) encouraged me to face the challenges that I met in performing my duties and responsibilities. She is one of the most powerful women in the world,” she added.

She noted that the President’s accomplishments in various programs to uplift the lives of Filipinos are great but like other public figures, she has been subjected to the harshest criticisms by people who chose to be blind to see the fruits of her labor.

“For me and for many young Filipinos, Her Excellency, President Arroyo is the modern face of an empowered woman, the guiding vision. Her constant passion, admirable discipline and remarkable persistence clearly led her to achieve and accomplish so much for a better Philippines,” she concluded. (PNA)



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