FG Arroyo launches his books dedicated to barrio doctors

June 15, 2010 8:15 pm 

MANILA, June 15 —-First Gentleman Jose Miguel Arroyo launched his books on Tuesday at Malacanang.

Mike Arroyo said in his message during the book launching that his books are dedicated to his 180 medical doctor scholars under the First Gentleman Foundation Inc.

Arroyo in 2006 launched the Bagong Doktor Para sa Bayan project inspired by former Health Secretary Juan Flavier’s Doctors to the Barrio.

In 2007, FG Arroyo also launched the Bagong Espesyelista Para sa Bayan. Both projects require scholars to serve 2 years in remote communities as barrio doctors.

”I am convinced that it is better to invest in a doctor than giving straight to just one beneficiary. It is because of the ripple effect. More can benefit by investing in one doctor since doctor serves an entire community,” the husband of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo said in his message during the book launching.

Arroyo also admits that his ambition is to become a doctor but he followed his father’s advice and became a lawyer instead.

”However, I don’t regret being a man of the law. But being a doctor has always been in my heart,” Arroyo added.

One of FG Arroyo’s scholar, Dr. Paul Bisnar described very how it is to be a barrio doctor.

”To be a doctor to the barrio is a sacrifice. It needs dedication and endurance considering the hardship it entails to be far away from their loved ones. To survive and succeed, the doctor should be adaptable to the tradition, folklore and ways of live of the local community,” Arroyo quoting Dr. Besnar.

The 180 medical scholars of the First Gentleman Foundation Inc. and now doctors are present during the book launching in Malacanang.

”Indeed you are the country’s young heroes, paving the way to lasting progress by bringing quality medical health care to far-flung communities. Though my dream to be a doctor was not fulfilled, I cannot imagine that now there are 180 medical scholars of the Foundation whose dreams I was able to fulfill—young men and women who dreamt to be doctors and are now fully committed to dedicate at least two years of their lives to helping others, especially those in under-served areas,” Arroyo pointed out.

”In my heart is full of joy seeing all of you here today, what more thousands of others in remote communities who have not seen a doctor in their lifetime. I have seen first-hand how bad situations can get for our fellow Filipinos, especially in far-flung areas, because there are no doctors in their areas. So I cannot help but feel happy and so blessed to be given this opportunity to help those poor communities,” Arroyo also said during the book launching.

To show FG Arroyo’s appreciation for the scholars commitment in helping alleviate poverty in the country and for the support of generous benefactors of the Foundation’s projects, Arroyo gave his two books.

First—a coffee table on the Foundation’s various projects, on who is really the First Gentleman and the last part of the book is where Arroyo set the record straight on all the malicious allegations hurled against him.

Second, is the 180 DREAMS—a compilation of stories from each of the scholars, whose dreams were fulfilled by the Foundation. The first dream is mine and the rest are the dreams of our 180 scholars.

”Thank you parents and families of the scholars for allowing these dedicated 180 scholars fulfill their dreams to be doctors and supporting their two-year community service—your love and trust in them nurtured their dream,” FG Arroyo added.

”Thank you, Dr. Flavier for being my inspiration and I am sure the inspiration as well of all the 180 scholars of the Foundation. Thank you for imparting your passion in community service,” he stressed.

Arroyo also thanked Health Secretary Esperanza Cabral for arranging masteral studies of the barrio doctors in cooperation with the Development Academy of the Philippines in order for these scholars upon completion of their 2 community service they will also have a Master Degree in Public Service Major in Health Systems Development.

The First Gentleman also thanked the FG Medical Board for their meticulous screening of the scholars, for their patience and faith in them which assures the good and committed doctors for the poor Filipinos.

”Thank you officials and faculty of the University of the Philippines, the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila, the West Visayas State University and the Mindanao State University for monitoring and guiding the scholars in their medical education.

"Thank you dear scholars, I am so proud of you, for being our partners in community service by dedicating two-years immediately after passing the medical board to uplift the lives of the poor in doctor-less communities by giving them quality medical health care. Indeed you give honor and dignity to the medical profession,” FG Arroyo said.

Arroyo also admits that he will undergo surgery in his spinal column and request for prayers for the success of his spinal column operation.

Arroyo will undergo spinal column operation on Saturday (June 19) at St. Luke's Medical Center in Global City, Taguig City.

”And lastly, thank you everyone for investing in the future of our country with your support to the Foundation. Let us continue to serve God by serving others. Remember, we are all doing this for the greater glory of God,”Arroyo also said.(PNA)



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