Angara advises Noynoy to appoint ‘good’ people to step up tax collection

May 27, 2010 8:36 pm 

MANILA, May 27 -– Senator Edgardo Angara advised on Thursday apparent president-elect Noynoy Aquino to appoint competent people who will enhance the revenue collection amid problems on budget deficit.

”I think the priority of Noynoy is to collect or step up collection but on condition, you have to appoint good people who will do that for you,” Angara said during the weekly Kapihan sa Senado.

Angara said hiring ‘recycled’ people would not work in favor of the next administration’s effort to increase revenues.

”If you’re going to just recycle people, meaning, with people who have been there and did not do that right in the first instance, how do you expect them to do it right the second time around?,” Angara said.

Aside from improving tax collection, Angara said the next administration can enhance its revenue by getting some stashed away lump sum or big funds out of the government corporations.

”There is a lot of them. You can easily assemble P20 billion like the Malampaya and the road users tax. That alone would be more than P10 billion,” Angara said.

Aquino has already opposed a proposal to increase the value-added-tax from 12 to 15 percent and instead reduce if not eliminate graft and corruption specially in the top revenue-earning government agencies.

Angara said the proposal to increase VAT is just one of the options which ultimately should be implemented but it should not be the immediate solution to the budget deficit of the government.

”I will not exclude all those options. That is just one option. And, still, it is correct to say that we must step up our collection efforts because, I think, for every peso collectible tax, the government is only collecting, if it is lucky, 50 centavos. But, again, that involves credibility and will,” Angara explained.

”You’re willing to make hard decision and appoint people to the revenue collecting agencies known for integrity and single-mindedness,” he added. (PNA)



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