Zubiri dares ‘koala’ man to identify himself

May 20, 2010 8:12 pm 

By Jelly F. Musico

MANILA, May 20 – Senate Majority Floor Leader Juan Miguel Zubiri has dared a certain Robin or known as ‘koala’ man due to his koala bear-like mask, to identify himself if he is really telling the truth about the alleged election frauds that marred the recent national and local elections.

”I make an appeal to him that he come out, identify himself that he is a ranking official of Comelec as well as detail the modus operandi that he said that was able to paid several millions of votes to particular candidates,” Zubiri said in a Senate media forum on Thursday.

Zubiri said the whistleblower should give full details with complete evidence “if it is really believable.”

”We cannot set aside the accusation of this man but he should identify himself first,” the lawmaker from Mindanao said.

Zubiri agreed with the statement of Commission on Elections (Comelec) chairman Jose Melo that it would be unfair if this whistleblower, who is hiding behind a mask, would just accuse the Comelec of election fraud without presenting any pieces of evidence.

”It’s quite unfair that somebody would just come out to question the credibility of the Comelec. We have seen how fast the results of the recent elections,” he said.

The Comelec has already belied the claim of “Robin” that a ‘player PCOS (precinct count optical scan) machine was purportedly used to rig votes by blocking the transmission of real election results and instead transmitting padded votes.

”I hope he can produce evidence in a proper investigation about his allegations that the flash cards have been replaced. It is important to eliminate any doubt in minds of our countrymen regarding the automated elections,” Zubiri said.

”I think for the whistle blowers that are coming out with their new information they have to be details-specific. They have to be more specific with how they were able to electronically manipulate the results from the precint to the servers of the Senate, the servers of the house of representatives, as well as the Comelec national board of canvassers,” he said.

Unless the whistleblowers produce solid evidence, Zubiri said the Senate and the House of Representatives will only focus on the electronically-transferred certificates of canvass as well as the manually-transmitted COCs during the next week’s canvassing of votes for president and vice president. ”Right now we are stuck with that. And we can only work with that with the presumption that the elections were credible and that the figures that were sent to us were credible,” Zubiri said. (PNA) RMA/jfm


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