Palace joins Cardinal Rosales in dismissing 'people power' threat

May 3, 2010 7:17 pm 

MANILA, May 3 — Malacanang today joined Manila Archbishop Gaudencio Cardinal Rosales in dismissing the possibility of “people power” protests in the event of a failure of the May 10 elections.

“We hope that our countrymen who belong to the same church will seek his words and follow the example of prudence and level-headedness that he is counseling as a shepherd to his flock,” said Presidential Deputy Spokesperson Gary Olivar of the position taken by the Manila prelate on the issue.

Rosales has downplayed the possibility of "people power," stating that such action is “crazy and irresponsible.” According to Rosales, there is no reason to stage it as there are proper legal recourses available.

“The laws are not done in the streets,” Rosales said.

He pointed out that the conditions during the first EDSA Revolution are no longer present and that the circumstances under the dictatorship, where elections were not credible, were different from the situation today.

Echoing Rosales' statement, Olivar said during a Palace media briefing: “Wala na pong objective basis para manawagan po ng state adventurism from any quarter.”

Olivar added that the institutions and processes today are in much better shape compared to 24 years ago.

Olivar stressed that instead of backsliding, “the idea should be to move on with every gain that the nation has made and to build upon these gains.” (PNA) scs/OPS/utb


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