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April 11, 2010 12:33 pm 

April 11, 1867

MANILA, April 11 — On April 11, 1867, Leonor Rivera, Dr. Jose Rizal's sweetheart who became model for the Maria Clara character in Noli Me Tangere, was born in Camiling, Tarlac.

Leonor was the daughter of Rizal's landlord-uncle during his junior year at the University of Santo Tomas. He lived in Casa Tomasina in Intramuros. Leonor was a student of La Concordia College where Soledad (Rizal's youngest sister) was then studying.

She and Rizal were into a relationship for 11 years which played the greatest influence in keeping the latter from falling in love with other women during his travel.

Unfortunately, Leonor’s mother disapproved of her daughter’s relationship with Rizal, who was then a known filibuster.

She hid all the letters sent by Rizal to Leonor. Leonor, believing that Rizal had already forgotten her, sadly consented to marry the Englishman Henry Kipping, her mother’s choice.

Also on this same day in 1933, Bienvenido Lumbrera, a Ramon Magsaysay Award in journalism, literature and creative communication arts in 1993, was born in Lipa City, Batangas.

His various literary works include Revaluation (1984) and his poems in Likhang Dila, Likhang Diwa (1993). (PNA)



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