Palace adviser seeks more loyalty checks within Lakas-Kampi

April 8, 2010 11:02 am 

MANILA, April 8 — Presidential political adviser and Lakas-Kampi stalwart Prospero Pichay is pushing for increased frequency of loyalty checks within the party.

He believes such measure is needed to help keep intact Lakas-Kampi's nationwide political machinery as the party is counting on such network of local leaders and candidates to deliver votes for its standard bearer Gilberto Teodoro and other national candidates this year.

"There must be more loyalty checks," Pichay said.

He also said Lakas-Kampi members must really work to ensure the party's poll victory this May.

"I think, we can deliver the votes for our candidates if everyone concerned can campaign for the national ticket," he said.

Pichay expressed these views as Lakas-Kampi recently lost several of its members to rival political parties.

Lakas-Kampi's leadership remains unfazed by such defections.

"Only three or four of them defected but that's nothing as we have local candidates in about 75 percent of areas nationwide," Pichay said.

Occidental Mindoro province Lone District Rep. Ma. Amelita Villarosa and Lakas-Kampi acting chairperson also junked speculations the defections are eroding support for the party's candidates.

"Perhaps such rumors are spread by those who fear we can defeat them," she said.

She assured Lakas-Kampi is committed to work for the election of Teodoro and its other national candidates.

Pichay acknowledged Lakas-Kampi has its share of problems as all political parties do.

He noted this is not surprising since problems hound organizations, particularly big ones like Lakas-Kampi.

Lakas-Kampi is almost twice the size of other political organizations, he noted.

"Not all problems might be fully threshed out but at least our party is addressing the big ones," he said. (PNA)



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