Villar to Enrile: "I did no wrong, so why should I ask help from him?"

January 26, 2010 11:21 pm 

MANILA, Jan. 26 — Senator Manny Villar said on Tuesday that he did not approach Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile for help on the C-5 road controversy.

”I did not ask for help and non was given,” Villar said in a press statement.

Villar also belied Enrile’s claim in a radio interview this morning that he offered to help Enrile with "anything" during one of their meetings about the C-5 road controversy.

Villar said he saw no need to ask help from Enrile because “I was confident that the documents, the records, the witnesses, and the rules will prove that the C-5 road project was not double-funded, overpriced or rerouted.”

”Why should I ask for help when I’m not guilty and I have done nothing wrong? All the documents submitted and all those who testified can prove that,” he said.

“But looking back, I thought I was dealing with honorable men who would view things fair and impartially. I was wrong,” Villar said, adding that he was “hurt” by Enrile’s “false story.”

He said the Senate hearing on C-5 controversy was “conceived in malice and was meant to embarrass me so I will not be a factor in these elections.”

”This started when I improved in the surveys. As my ratings improve, the attack against me is getting worse,” Villar said referring to his steady climb in the surveys, with a scant eight points separating him and frontrunner Sen. Noynoy Aquino of Liberal Party per one recent poll.

”I’m running a good run but 12 people are trying to put me down,” Villar added.

Since the C-5 controversy cropped up, Villar admitted he had countless meetings and encounters with Enrile “because I made it a point to greet him and say a few words to him, whether in the session hall or committee rooms or elevator.”

”For me, I have nothing against them. I have always been civil to my colleagues, even if we are on opposing sides in an election. But in these meetings with him, I can’t remember offering to help him with anything in exchange for him helping me," he said. (PNA)



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