Russian president pledges smart economy at New Year

January 1, 2010 2:03 pm 

MOSCOW, Jan. 1 — President Dmitry Medvedev said Russia will move forward on the path to a "smart economy" as the country emerges from the worst recession in a decade, in his New Year's message on Thursday.

"The outgoing year has not been the easiest for Russia," Medvedev said in a televised address broadcast late Thursday night. "I would like to thank you for proving that we can take the brunt together and overcome difficulties."

Medvedev said his country will keep moving forward to create "a strong and modern state" as well as "a stable and smart economy." "We will do everything to ensure a safe and comfortable life for everyone," he said.

He called on Russians to seize "new opportunities" in 2010, saying that Russia's success depends on every single person of the country and the efforts made by everyone for his family and country.

Russia, whose economy is heavily dependent on energy resources, was hard hit by the global economic downturn as oil prices collapsed late 2008. Official statistics show Russia's gross domestic product shrank by 8.5 percent in 2009. (PNA/Xinhua) FFC/utb


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