(Metro News) LGU group strengthens anti-drug campaign

December 31, 2009 11:40 pm 

MANILA, Dec. 31 – The Philippine Councilors League (PCL) on Thursday appealed to its 16,000-strong members to help the national government initiate measures in fighting drug addiction to preserve family values.

Quezon City 1st dist. councilor Victor “Jun’’ Ferrer said there was an urgent need for local officials to strengthen the campaign against illegal drug use as it caused both petty and heinous crimes.

He said even normal individuals who were forced to take drugs due to peer pressure eventually suffer mental anguish and psychological distress leading to insanity.

Ferrer said the ‘Kontra Droga’ was old stuff but he had to restate the matter as the issue remained unresolved.

Prohibited drugs were still in the market and had become an even bigger problem to society, he said.

Ferrer, who is also the PCL national president, said the campaign against illegal drugs should start in the family, stressing that constant communication among its members was a major deterrent to illegal drug use.

Ferrer said the campaign against illegal drugs should also be prioritized at the barangay level, adding that police authorities relied heavily on them for information concerning drug lords, small time drug peddlers and drug users.

He also recommended the random drug testing of barangay workers, including its officials and tanods as some reports disclosed that some of the personnel have become illegal drug users and pushers.

As deterrent to drug addiction, Ferrer encouraged parents, barangay leaders and civic groups to continuously widen its illegal drug campaign information through seminars, sports events, civic welfare movements and similar undertakings involving the youth. (PNA) RMA/JCA


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