CBCP's New Year message‏

December 31, 2009 11:40 pm 

MANILA, Dec. 31 — The Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) today expressed hope that every Filipino can make 2010 prosperous by believing in God and in themselves.

“Over and above the factors beyond our capacity, with our great faith in God and in ourselves, we can still make our wish for a happy new year a reality. God bless us all!,” said CBCP president Bishop Nereo Odchimar, in his New Year message, adding that “social transformation starts within ourselves.”

The Tandag Bishop noted that people can make 2010 a happier and better year.

“The Happy New Year greeting should not remain a simple wish; its realization is within reach. Now, more than ever, we hold the promise of a happier Philippines, despite of the tragedies that happened in the preceding year,” he said.

The CBCP head also tackled the coming elections, as he urged the electorate to be vigilant in choosing the country's next leaders.

“Two thousand ten in our political life is an election year; people through the exercise of their right of suffrage will effect a power shift in the executive and legislative branches of our civil government,” he said.

The newly elected CBCP president also asked the people to vote on who they think will help uplift the country and not to be persuaded by promises.

“We must retain what is good, promote what still needs improvement and discard what is base and corrupt. However, admittedly and sadly, a number of us have remained myopic by focusing our attention only on the satisfaction of the moment, swayed by the glitter of money and promises of patronage, and do not raise our eyes beyond election time to the resultant situation created by our indiscretion. Those who have allowed, much worse abetted, corruption to thrive in our midst, do not have the right to complain,” he said.

Although, he said that the people are partly to be blamed for what is going on in the country, they can change it and find solutions to the problems.

“If we were a part of the problem yesterday, we can also be a part of the solution today. We hold the key to a better tomorrow. We need an informed electorate enlightened through voters’ education, a vigilant citizenry who will guard against the attempts of some to frustrate the genuine will of the people, and steadfast persons who stay undaunted by intimidation of ruthless politicians, in order to put into office reliable leaders who would guide our nation in the coming years,” Odchimar added.

Likewise, he reminded the less fortunate, which constitute the greater part of the population, not to be persuaded by promises as they are only being remembered by candidates during elections.

“The poor constitute the greater part of our population. They are remembered and courted by politicians during the campaign period. “Poverty alleviation”, “more jobs” and “upliftment of the masses” are some familiar refrains chanted by candidates and issues incorporated into their attractive platforms,” the CBCP chief said.

However, he is convinced that if only there is political will, the economic situation of the people would be far better that it was generations back. (PNA)



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