ePerformax launches “Operation: Rebuild” to help Ondoy's victims

October 15, 2009 10:14 pm 

MANILA, Oct. 16 — Now that day-to-day efforts to assist employees affected by Onday are subsiding, BPO ePerformax is focusing its resources on what it is calling “Operation: Rebuild” and adopting employees and their families to help them rebuild their homes and their lives.

ePerformax chief operating officer Dennis Lindley said that clients, employees and officers of the company have made it possible by providing significant relief support in cash, in kind and with their own time and now want to provide more meaningful and lasting assistance through Operation: Rebuild.

Under this effort, ePerformax will adopt over 40 families of employees hardest-hit by the typhoon and flooding and help them rebuild and reacquire things they have lost. So far the employees of ePerformax and its clients, along with its partner Transnational Diversified Group (TDG), have donated over P1 million in cash donations to support Operation: Rebuild.

“Our assistance throughout this tragic event and our ongoing efforts through Operation: Rebuild means a lot to these families. This means a lot to us – and hopefully, we can help in our own limited way to rebuild hopes and create new dreams for those who had to endure untold trauma and suffering from Ondoy,” Lindley said.

During the last several weeks, the company has also secured and distributed in kind donations that included food, bottled water, medicine and diapers.

TDG assisted through its donation of emergency packs and shirts. Executives and employees of ePerformax gave their time and energy to visit the devastated sites in Marikina, Pasig, San Mateo, Cainta, Sampaloc, Quezon City and Bulacan. (PNA)



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