Local exec says no need for alarm on possible breaching of Guemasan dike in Arayat

September 29, 2009 9:52 pm 

ARAYAT, Pampanga, Sept. 30 — Mayor Luis Chito Espino allayed fears that the Guemasan dike or the Arnedo dike in the portion of barangay Guemasan, in this town may possibly breach due to the strong current of the Pampanga River.

The town's chief executive issued the assurance amid text messages circulating in the province allegedly from the municipal government saying when the residents heard gunfire it means that the dike breached and that flashflood will occur in Sta. Ana, Mexico and San Fernando because the dike is already damaged.

Espino clarified that the dike in Guemasan is still safe as its around 17 meters length and four meters width of the structure stand firm.

The mayor said there is nothing to worry about as the local officials is closely monitoring the condition of the dike and they see no immediate danger as far as the strength of the dike is concerned.

Espino said what is alarming is the extent of damages that tropical storm Ondoy in the municipality as it already hundreds of millions in property and agricultural produce.

The mayor called on his constituents' cooperation and assistance to bring back progress in this first class municipality. (PNA)



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