(Metro News) Malabon starting to clean-up debis left by ‘Ondoy’

September 28, 2009 11:13 pm 

MANILA, Sept. 29 — Despite the damage brought about by tropical storm "Ondoy" over the weekend, Malabon residents are slowly starting to rebuild their flooded homes and clean-up the mess brought about by one of the most's devastating storms to hit the country in recent years.

Malabon City Waste Management Committee (MCWMC) chair Gloria Tamayo said she has instructed all of the city's sanitation units to expedite garbage collection to prevent the spread of diseases in the locality.

She also advised residents to immediately to throw away water that have collected in empty tires, bottles, and cans to prevent dengue-causing mosquitoes that could very well serve as breeding sites or for laying their eggs.

"With the sun starting to shine now, I strongly urged my fellow residents to clean-up their houses and dry-up their wet appliances or clothing,' Tamayo said.

The MCWMC chair urged her citymates to immediately make good the damage "Ondoy" caused in their homes as another tropical depression is expected to hit the country by Thursday.

She also said that Malabon Mayor Canuto "Tito" Oreta and the rest of the local government officials are doing all that is possible to reduce flood waters in all of the city's major roads.

Waist to knee deep floods are still reported in Letre, Catmon, Tonsuya and C-4 roads. At the height of Ondoy's fury, waters in the above-mentioned places reached up to two meters deep, stranding thousands of commuters.

Flooding incidents last Sept. 26 to 27 were considered by many of the old-time residents of the city as the worse in recent years.

Four people were earlier reported drowned in the Barangays of Tonsuya and Niugan when flood waters reportedly reached six to eight feet deep.

Floods have started subsiding as of Monday night. Authorities are confident that all major roads of the city will be operational by Wednesday. (PNA)



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