Aklanons promise PGMA they will be stewards of the environment

August 7, 2009 10:19 am 

By Faye Velasco

LIBACAO, Aklan, Aug. 7 – Aklanons vowed today that they will support President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s efforts to protect the environment and save Mother Earth.

Libacao Mayor Charito Navarosa, speaking in behalf of the residents of the 24 barangays of this upland municipality of Aklan, said this will be the Aklanons' way of expressing their gratitude to the President for being the first President of the Republic to visit Libacao, a fourth class municipality and about an hour away from Kalibo.

Moreover, it is also the Aklanons' way of thanking the President for the development and social welfare projects especially for the poor barangays here.

Today, the second visit of the President to Libacao—the first was in 1996 when she was still a senator and was then the guest of honor of a graduation rites, she awarded checks amounting to a total of P2.596 million to seven cooperatives in Aklan province in support of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources’ (DENR) Upland Development Program (UDP).

The project, which will benefit 523 members, will provide “green jobs” to the upland dwellers here as the fund will be used for seedling production and the establishment of a nursery to reforest open watershed areas, mangroves and forests in the province.

The recipients include the San Jose Multi-Purpose Cooperative with 62 members, received a check in the amount of P193,175.30 and the project covers 85 hectares; the Monlaque Multi-Purpose Cooperative with 52 members received P202.025.00, covering 85 hectares.

The Apricio ARB Multi-Purpose Cooperative with 202 members received P29,450.00; Min-a Small Farmers Association with 47 members got P204,750.000; Samahan ng Mga Mangunguma ag Mamumugon with 30 members received P29,450.00; Kalibo Save the Mangrove Association with 30 members received P336.375.000; and Osman-San Dimas Multi-Purpose Cooperative with 100 members received P1,601,400.00.

The project, which will cover some 450 hectares, is in support of the President’s Comprehensive Livelihood and Emergency Employment Program (CLEEP).

The DENR, in compliance with the President’s thrust to protect the environment to help mitigate climate change, improve the productivity of the uplands and at the same time create incomes of upland poor, mitigate hunger among highly vulnerable populations, engaging organized upland communities, and providing the climate for gainful economic production for poor upland dwellers, came up with the UDP. Through the UDP, the DENR aims to reforest or boost agro-forestry activities in some 50,000 hectares of denuded upland areas and about 2,000 hectares of mangrove areas nationwide.

Areas for UDP’s reforestation component include denuded areas in watersheds, stream banks, mangrove areas, and open and denuded forestlands outside of any DENR-issued tenurial instrument like community-based forest agreement (CBFM) but needing immediate rehabilitation.



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