(Metro News) Two Malabon NGOs provide free pap smears to 270 marginalized women

July 20, 2009 11:25 pm 

MANILA, July 21 — The Malabon Women Club (MWC) and the Malabon Midwives Association (MWA) recently conducted a medical mission where some 270 women from the city’s marginalized communities were provided with free pap smears which is the best way to detect whether they are afflicted with the dreaded cervical cancer or not.

MWC chair Gloria Tamayo said that their group and the MWA decided to pool their resources to provide the free pap smears after noting that survival rate of women patients detected to have cervical cancer in the first stages improves dramatically and possible to halt the spread of the disease with the help of modern anti-cancer drugs and therapy.

She also said that medical teams from the two organizations scoured impoverished communities in Ibaba, Niugan, Baritan, Concepcion and Potrero to extend the free services to indigent women.

Tamayo further said that they will go around the city’s remaining 16 “barangays” (communities) until all poor women are provided with the free pap smears.

Cervical cancer is fifth most deadly cancer for women worldwide.

Initial symptoms includes vaginal bleeding, contact bleeding and moderate pain during sexual intercourse and vaginal discharge.

Symptoms of advanced cervical cancer may include: loss of appetite, weight loss, fatigue, pelvic pain, back pain, leg pain, single swollen leg, heavy bleeding from the vagina, leaking of urine or feces from the vagina and bone fractures.

Tamayo said that cervical cancer is often caused by infection with a high-risk strain of human papillomavirus and that women with multiple sexual partners have greater risk of developing this disease. (PNA)



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