RP advances in 4 of 6 dimensions of World Bank report

July 1, 2009 9:11 am 

MANILA, July 1 — The Philippine government, under President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, has advanced in four of six critical dimensions taken up in the World Bank 2008 governance report.

This was disclosed by Executive Secretary Eduardo Ermita and Deputy Director General Rolando Tungpalan of the National Economic and Development Authority during the regular press briefing at the New Executive Building.

“We are pleased to note that in the six dimensions, we have improved in four, namely: on rule of law we improved by 6 percentage points (from 34 to 40); regulatory quality or the ability of government to provide sound policies to promote and enable private sector investments we improved by 2 percentile points (from 50 to 52); we managed to grow by 4 percentile points (from 22 to 26 percent) on government effectiveness; we are up by 1 percentile point on political stability and on accountability we had a slight decline from 43 to 41 percentile,” Tungpalan explained.

“Overall, we have had improvements in many sectors and we have been succeeding in our reform programs,” he added.

Ermita, who heads the Task Force on Millennium Challenge Account (MCA), said these criteria are crucial for developed economies like the United States, the European Community and others in determining their financial assistance to countries like the Philippines.

“The MCA has a lot of significance. At least you will better understand me when I tell you that we should watch the ratings given us by MCA, a program of the US government and for which the Philippine government can very well benefit from a new form of fund coming from the United States,” Ermita said.

He noted that because the Philippines’ 2008 rating on controlling corruption fell by only .01 percent, “we have not been announced as beneficiary of a grant from the US government.

This year, Tanzania got 700 million dollars grant from the United States along with another country, which Ermita failed to mention.

“In case we pass that (MCA ratings) based on the World Bank ratings that Undersecretary Tungpalan just said we can very well pass the threshold and before the end of the year we might qualify for such grant from the US government, which is usually anywhere from 300 dollars to 500 million dollars,” Ermita said.

This (amount), he said, can go a long way in boosting our economic status. “And that’s why we should be able to tell the world, the United Nations and the US that we are handling our human rights cases very well , our cases against corruption and extra judicial killings.” (PNA)



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