Pangasinan to plant palay in 180,000 hectares of land this year

June 18, 2016 1:59 am 

LINGAYEN, Pangasinan, June 16 — More than 180,000 hectares of land are now being prepared to be planted with palay all over Pangasinan in this year's planting season.

This was bared by Dalisay Moya, officer-in-charge of the Office of the Provincial Agriculturist, who said of the areas set to be planted, at least 40 percent is rainfed or lands dependent on water from the crops to grow.

Planting already started this month of June, just a week after the start of the rainy season on May 25.

Moya said Pangasinan is the largest rice-producing province in Region 1 and the third largest all over the country, trailing Nueva Ecija and Isabela, in that order.

"We should pray together that there will be no big calamities that will come but with or without calamities, we will still be sufficient on rice," Moya said.

She said floods notwithstanding, the province will still maintain its position as the number one food basket in Region 1, not only on rice and corn but also on vegetables, fish and livestock.

Although this year's rainy season has started, it is only thunderstorms that are still being experienced sporadically, especially in the afternoons.

The monsoon rains have not come yet in any part of the province.

Stressing that the rice sufficiency level in Pangasinan is 200 per cent, Moya said that "here in the province, we produce much, much more than what we need."

She said the average rice harvest in the province to date is more than four tons per hectare or from 80 to 100 cavans per hectare. (PNA)



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