Pangasinan health office cautions public vs heat stroke

April 14, 2016 3:33 am 

LINGAYEN, Pangasinan, April 13 — The Provincial Health Office (PHO) has advised the public in Pangasinan to take precautionary measures to avoid heat stroke which can be fatal.

PHO head Dr. Anna De Guzman said her office is keeping an eye on heat stroke due to the increasing temperature brought about by the summer season, enhanced by El Niño phenomenon.

“We are strictly advising the public to avoid direct sunlight exposure from from 10 am to 3 pm,” she said, and suggested the use of head gears like hats and umbrellas if staying outdoors cannot be avoided.

She added that people must stay hydrated by drinking at least 10 glasses of water daily and avoid intake of coffee, tea, soda, and alcohol.

For athletes whose perspiration is excessive, De Guzman advised them to drink ionized water to refill their electrolytes.

Heat stroke is a medical emergency where the body overheats and cannot cool down. The body cannot take off the excessive heat by sweating because of dehydration and/or humid environment.

Signs of heat exhaustion may include warm and flushed skin, faintness, dizziness, weakness, headache, very high fever, rapid heartbeat, convulsion, and unconsciousness.

De Guzman said the PHO has recorded no case of heat stroke yet this summer season.

However, she noted many cases of hypertension.

At the Pangasinan Provincial Hospital alone, there are at least at least 400 in-patient cases or about 30 percent of the regular 50-70 medical ward cases who are suffering hypertension.

Aside from heat stroke and hypertension, the PHO is on alert with the emergence of skin diseases such as sun burn, infections, chicken pox, and jellyfish sting this summer season.

Health responders are also stationed at the Lingayen beach front to achieve the zero drowning goal. (PNA)



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