Extremism, terrorism threaten humanity, global security

February 3, 2016 12:07 pm 

BELGRADE, Feb. 3 — Iran's Ambassador to Macedonia Saeed Sadeq Mohammadi said on Tuesday that extremism and terrorism should be regarded as a global threat against humanity and security.

Terrorism not only threatens the Middle East region but also it has jeopardized the countries' national interests and securities, he said.

Many countries claim to counter terrorism but never seek to deal with its root cause, he added, therefore, such a menace persists in the Middle East region.

Promotion of extremism in Syria and Iraq has proved that terrorists are backed by global powers as well as some Arab rulers in the region, he said.

"The international community should play a much active role in the fight against terrorism."

Iran has invaluable experience in dealing with the issues of refugees, said the ambassador, adding that during Afghan war and even the Iraqi imposed-war, Iran hosted over three million war refugees who sought shelter.

To resolve the global issue of refugees, the fight with terrorism should be heeded and bloody wars in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen and the occupied Palestine should be stopped and grounds should be prepared for the return of displaced people to their motherland, he said. (PNA/IRNA)



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