DOH reports 68 new HIV/AIDS cases in E. Visayas

December 17, 2015 7:24 am 

TACLOBAN CITY, Dec. 16 — The Department of Health (DOH) regional office has recorded 68 new cases of Human immunodeficiency virus infection and acquired immune deficiency syndrome (HIV/AIDS) infection in eastern Visayas.

This figure is higher to the reported 54 HIV/AIDS transmittal, according to Roderick Boyd Cerro, chief of the DOH regional epidemiology and surveillance unit.

Of the 68 new HIV/AIDS victims 64 of them are male. Since 1984, eastern Visayas recorded more 2,000 cases of this sexually-transmitted infection.

Common means of transmittal is through male to male sexual intercourse. Cerro, however, clarified that they cannot classify if those infected with HIV/AIDS are sex workers or not.

The new reported cases prompted the DOH to establish satellite treatment hub in every province to ensure that those with infection will have access to the anti-retroviral drugs.

“Anti-retroviral drugs are given free to those positive of HIV/AIDS. They do not need special hospital to manage them. They can go to any hospital if they show any manifestation of the disease,” Cerro said.

He added that people should be aware that HIV/AIDS can only be transmitted through sexual intercourse with person infected with HIV, breastfeeding of mother with HIV, use of needle that was used by infected person, and blood transfusion.

Cerro encouraged those who have multiple sex partners to undergo HIV, test which could be done in hospitals throughout the region.

Result of the test will remain confidential and only a worker involved in the test is knowledgeable on the result. (PNA)



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