UK paper says Russia bans hiring of Turkish players in winter break

December 1, 2015 11:15 am 

TEHRAN, Nov. 30 — The Russian sports minister Vitaly Mutko has said sports clubs cannot sign Turkish players this winter, the UK newspaper the Guardian reported on Monday.

The London-based newspaper quoted Mutko as saying on Sunday that “I think that, if anyone wants [to sign a Turkish player] during the upcoming transfer window in the winter break, there will not be such a possibility.”

He said, “We don’t need to jump too far ahead but [the clubs] have already got the message.”

Asked in clarification if the sports ministry was telling clubs not to sign Turkish players, Mutko replied, “Of course, absolutely.”

Mutko said the sports sanctions would not affect Turkish players currently playing for Russian clubs, including Rubin Kazan’s midfielder Gokdeniz Karadeniz who joined them in 2008.

“Everyone who has an existing contract will carry on working,” Mutko said.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a decree to impose economic sanctions against Turkey, citing security concerns for his decision.

“The decree said charter flights from Russia to Turkey would be banned, that tour firms would be told not to sell any holidays there, and that unspecified Turkish imports would be outlawed, and Turkish firms and nationals have their economic activities halted or curbed,” the Reuters said.

'The circumstances are unprecedented. The gauntlet thrown down to Russia is unprecedented. So naturally the reaction is in line with this threat,' Dmitry Peskov, Putin's spokesman, said hours before the decree was published. (PNA/IRNA)



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