(News Feature)Pfizer reiterates call to boost children’s immunity

November 19, 2015 11:39 am 

By Ma. Cristina C. Arayata

MANILA, Nov 14 (PNA) — Recognizing that children are most susceptible to diseases, Pfizer Consumer Healthcare (PCH) recently reiterated its call for parents to boost their kids’ immunity.

Egbert Dorado, a pediatrician and PCH senior medical manager, highlighted that safeguarding the kids’ immune defenses is the first step to ensure they stay healthy.

The PCH reiterated its call since the cold season is coming, and thus, the chances of getting cold and cough is high. Furthermore, as the country is prone to typhoons, the PCH would like to remind parents about diseases one can get from exposure to rain and viruses.

PCH cited as an example, influenza, as highly contagious. However, it added that according to Department of Health (DOH) spokesperson Lyndon Lee Suy, influenza is difficult to prevent because one may not notice that he/she has it “because a simple cough or cold could be influenza already.”

How can one boost his/her immune system?

While health experts often cite enough sleep, healthy lifestyle and eating the right foods are among the ways that could strengthen one’s immunity, PCH recognized that some kids are picky eaters.

”Giving the kids a well-rounded diet is difficult these days, especially with the rise of fast food chains, processed foods, etc.,” the PCH said.

With this, PCH cited that one way of strengthening the kids’ immune system is by giving them multivitamins. While the PCH said that multivitamins might also help the kids in meeting their nutritional needs, it emphasized that every kid has a different health needs.

”It’s still best to consult a physician since they know the right medicine and vitamins for your kids,” emphasized Dorado.

Meanwhile, Pfizer’s call is also in line with its aim of creating a healthier world for all. “For kids, a healthier body is to a happier future, and for the parents, a healthy child is to a peace of mind,” it noted. (PNA)



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