Four-minute exercise key to attain healthy lifestyle

October 28, 2015 5:45 am 

By Filane Mikee Z. Cervantes

MANILA, Oct. 27 (PNA) — A tandem of celebrity fitness icons and a group of heart specialists from the Philippine Heart Association (PHA) encouraged the public to engage in a short but high-impact four-minute exercise to fight off physical inactivity and attain a healthy lifestyle despite the perennial traffic in the metropolis.

Finding time to exercise the recommended 30 minutes per day may seem like a hopeless case after hours spent going back and forth to work in the midst of the standstill traffic; however, a four-minute exercise leaves people with less excuse not to engage in physical activities.

"(Through this exercise,) you could burn calories, do cardiovascular workout, and maintain a healthy lifestyle even in the midst of your bedroom, bathroom, or anywhere within your convenience," said PHA treasurer Dr. Helen Ong-Garcia during the Philippine College of Physicians' "Health Forum" on Tuesday at Annabel's Restaurant in Quezon City.

Designed by the husband-wife tandem of fitness gurus Jim and Toni Saret, the four-minute exercise, entitled "FWD Live to Move Video", is equivalent to one-hour of daily exercise or physical activity.

The exercise, which is accessible through YouTube, consists of 10 counts each of jumps, squats, push ups, and lunges that should be repeated for four minutes.

"Ideally, the best time to do the 4-minute exercise is as soon as you wake up because it induces the release of happy hormones. Six hundred calories may be burned and lost in one day," said Toni Saret.

"It complements the exercise component of the PHA 52100 healthy lifestyle campaign," Jim Saret said.

The PHA 52100 tagline stands for five servings of vegetables and fruits, not more than two hours of gadget time, one hour of exercise or physical activity, zero to sugared beverages and zero smoking.

"Doing daily exercise and eating wisely (right choices and quantity), boosts one's resistance, lifts the spirits and builds confidence," said Dr. Garcia.

"Consuming five servings of vegetables and fruits in one day strengthens your body constitution, and helps you combat infection and fight back high blood pressure, heart disease and other respiratory ailments," she added.

During the health forum, PHA President Dr. Alex Junia also provided some tips to cushion the impact of the heavy traffic.

"You can set a business appointment after work in a mall or a restaurant which is walking distance from your office. During this window period, you can also do your errands and engage in your exercise regimen. Look for pedestrian gyms that have sprouted in commercial areas and arteries," Junia suggested. (PNA)



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