Tourism dev’t of Leyte's Kalanggaman Island pushed

October 23, 2015 6:05 am 

By Roel T Amazona

TACLOBAN CITY, Oct. 22 (PNA) – A provincial board member is pushing for tourism development of nearby towns of Palompon in the northwest part of Leyte province.

Palompon, the home of famous Kalanggaman Island, has no monopoly of local tourism boom, according to Board Member Mesias Arevalo.

For second year in a row, Palompon received the Best Tourism Oriented-Local Government Unit Municipal Category award by the Association of Tourism Officers of the Philippines.

Arevalo, a former councilor of Palompon town, said that if other towns in the 4th legislative district of Leyte would be able to discover and create tourism-related activities, visitors will not just visit and stay in Palompon, but they will also explore nearby towns.

“This will result to greater impact in lives of their people as this means more income generating activities and livelihood will be created,” Arevalo said.

“If they can create a tourism-loop, income from tourism will not only be contained in Palompon, but will also spread in other towns in the 4th district.”

Currently, Palompon is the only town in the district that has vibrant tourism activity with the promotion of Kalanggaman Island, caves, mangrove forests and bird sanctuaries.

Kalanggaman Island, which has been drawing thousands of tourists, is about an hour travel from the mainland. It is famous for its turquoise clear water and fine white sand.

Parts of the towns preservation to its beauty is banning overnight stay in the island and limiting the number of visiting tourists to the island to 500 per day.

For the first two quarters of this year, entrance fee collected for Kalanggaman Island has already reached more than PHP6 million, compared to the PHP3.6 million earnings in 2014.

The town is also taking pride of its Tabuk Marine Park and Bird Sanctuary, the kingdom of more or less 100,000 giant fruit bats.

Two species of fruit bats can be seen in the sanctuary – the giant golden-crowned flying fox (Acerdon jubatus) and the large flying fox (Pteropus vampyrus).

The golden-crowned flying fox is the bigger one, among the biggest in the world with wings spanning five to six feet and weighing almost a kilo. This specie has been classified as endangered due to poaching and forest destruction.

Palompon town has also opened new activities for tourists that includes spelunking and trekking. (PNA)



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