(Feature) 265-meter-long pumpkin pie eaten at festival in Bulgaria

October 19, 2015 9:15 am 

SOFIA, Oct. 18 — Eating a 265-meter-long pumpkin pie on Saturday was the culmination of the five-day Pumpkin Fest, which was held for the 11th consecutive year in the small Bulgarian town of Sevlievo.

The pie, made of 125 pastry crusts, 95 kg pumpkin, 21 kg sugar, 16 kg of walnuts, 21 liters of sunflower oil, 450 grams of cinnamon and 200 grams vanilla, was placed on the square of the small town, located 180 km east of the country's capital Sofia.

In the sunny and warm autumn day, a dozen policemen vigilantly guarded the delicacy besieged by hundreds of eager people wanting to taste their favorite dish free of charge.

The time for the great eating came exactly at noon, and no piece was left 20 minutes later.

Meanwhile, a few meters away, from a pumpkin-shaped booth, the festival guests were taking pieces of baked pumpkin, also for free.

The award ceremony for the winners of the culinary competition "Pumpkin Temptations" was also part of the festival program on Saturday.

The head of the jury Victor Angelov, one of the most famous Bulgarian chefs, said the exhibits impressed him and almost everybody deserved to win prizes.

When receiving her award, one of the participants shared the recipe for the success: her grandmother helped.

The over 100 dishes exhibited in the foyer of Town Hall, were highly rated also by many viewers who not only watched, but also tried.

Pumpkin pies, pumpkin fritters, cakes with pumpkin, mushrooms stuffed with pumpkin, and pumpkin soup with celery were just some of the delicious pumpkin temptations.

The town crest, carved from pumpkin, was placed on the central place in the culinary exhibition, where Kalina Georgieva, mayor of Sevlievo Municipality, the event organizer, showed Xinhua a cookbook with pumpkin recipes of local talents, published for the first time this year, and a bottle with unique pumpkin brandy.

"From our ancestors we know that most pumpkins were planted in Bulgaria in Sevlievo. We decided to continue this tradition, and we achieve good mood and emotions, and welcome many guests. (PNA/Xinhua)



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