Feature: H.K. political culture detrimental to democracy bid: Chow

September 29, 2015 5:11 am 

HONG KONG, Sept. 26 — The pro-democracy occupation protest in Hong Kong last year failed to bring about apparent democratic progression because conditions were not ripe, but a mass opposition movement could recur in five years or a decade with a rapidly worsening political environment, according to a student leader.

Alex Chow, then leader of the Federation of Students which, along with secondary students group Scholarism and other pro-democracy parties, staged a school boycott last September that later turned into an unforeseen 79-day territory-wide occupation movement to call for "genuine democracy" in the territory, said the failed movement exposed the limitations of Hong Kong's political culture.

"If the umbrella movement happened again tomorrow, a similar ending might come," Chow, 25, told Kyodo News ahead of the anniversary of the epic political movement that earned its name after protesters used umbrellas to shield themselves from police batons, pepper spray and teargas. (PNA/Kyodo)



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