Traffic accidents in EDSA went down — MMDA

September 9, 2015 4:52 am 

By Christopher Lloyd T. Caliwan

MANILA, Sept. 8 (PNA) — Cases of accidents went down as the Philippine National Police (PNP)–Highway Patrol Group (HPG) takes control over the traffic along EDSA, an official of Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) said Tuesday.

In an interview, Emerson Carlos, Assistant General Manager for Operations of MMDA, said that from Monday until 9 a.m. on Tuesday, the agency recorded 23 traffic accidents compared to 37 traffic accidents recorded last Saturday and Sunday.

He noted the average traffic accidents in EDSA daily is 40 to 50, mostly involving private vehicles.

Carlos said the number of road accidents were mostly due to “human error and lack of road discipline” such as overspeeding, drunk driving, use of cellular phone while driving, overtaking, mechanical defects and poor maintenance of vehicles.

Carlos said among the adjustments carried out by the PNP-HPG like the removal of concrete barriers in Guadalupe north bound, and preventing provincial buses from plying the entire stretch of EDSA and rerouting traffic to C-5 Road from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. have lessened congestion.

He said all provincial buses with terminals along EDSA were obliged to turn left at P. Tuazon (Southbound) and proceed to C-5.

From C-5, provincial buses will then exit to South Luzon Expressway (SLEx), wherein MMDA will take charge of clearing up the lanes going to SLEx.

He said the truck lane along C-5 will be used by the provincial buses during the window hour.

Despite the adjustments, however, Carlos said heavy traffic cannot be prevented due to the volume of private cars.

He noted the capacity of vehicles in EDSA is 6,000 per hour and per direction, but now above at 6,800.

He said that personnel from the agency’s Traffic Discipline Office, Motorcycle and Mobile Patrol units who man the traffic in EDSA was transferred to C5, Commonwealth, and in the areas with on-going constructions.

To decongest EDSA, Carlos said the MMDA has designated 17 routes as Christmas or Mabuhay lanes to aid motorists to avoid heavy traffic during the holiday rush.

The MMDA's special lanes were opened last year as alternate routes to shorten the travel time of motorists during the holidays, when traffic flow in the metropolis are expected to be heavy.

Mabuhay Lane Routes

For private vehicles from North to South

Route 1: From Edsa

Turn right at West Avenue, right at Quezon Avenue, U-turn near Magbanua, right at Timog, right at Tomas Morato, right at E. Rodriguez, left at Gilmore, straight to Granada, right to Pinaglabanan, right at P. Guevarra, left at L. Mencias, right at Shaw Blvd., left at Acacia Lane, right at F. Ortigas, left at P. Cruz, left at F. Blumentrit, left at Coronado, take Mandaluyong – Makati Bridge to destination

Route 2: From Edsa

Turn right at West Avenue, right at Del Monte Avenue, left at Sto. Doming or Biak na Bato, right at Amoranto, left at Banawe or D. Tuazon, right at Maria Clara or Dapitan to destination

Route 3: From North Luzon Expressway

Exit at Mindanao Avenue Access Ramp, right at Mindanao Avenue, left at Congressional, right at Luzon Avenue, take Bridge crossing Commonwealth Avenue, Katipunan Avenue, C-5 to destination

Route 4: From Quezon City to Makati

Take N. Domingo, left at Blumentritt-Kalentong, left at Manalo St., right at Mariano, right at Luna Mencias, right at Shaw Boulevard, left at Acacia Lane, right at F. Ortigas, left at P. Cruz, left at F. Blumentritt, Coronado, take Mandaluyong-Makati Bridge or take Barangka Drive Pantalleon – Estrella Bridge, to destination

Route 5: From Quezon City to Makati

From E. Rodriguez, left at Matimyas – Plaza Noli to Fajardo left at V.G. Cruz, right at Lardizabal, left at M. Dela Fuente, right at Ramon Magsaysay Boulevard, Nagtahan to Pres. Quirino, left at South Superhighway to destination

Route 6: From North Luzon Expressway

Right at Balintawak Cloverleaf to EDSA going to Monumento, left at A. De Jesus St. (8th St.), left at C-3, right at A. Bonifacio, take Mayon Avenue, Welcome Rotunda to destination.

From South to North

Route 7: From Edsa

Take Estrella, E. Pantalleon Bridge, Barangka Drive, left at Nueve de Febrero, right at M. Martinez Avenue, straight to Gomezville, straight to Hoover, Wilson, left at Ortigas Avenue, Granada, right at N. Domingo, left at Hemady, right at Scout Tobias, left at Timog Avenue, right at Quezon Avenue, Quezon Memorial Circle, right at Visayas Avenue, left at Congressional Avenue, right at Mindanao Avenue to destination

For Grenhills, San Juan City

Route 8: From Edsa

Turn right at Banahaw Street, right at Makiling, left at Benitez, straight at St. Joseph, left at Ortigas Avenue to Greenhills Shopping Center

Route 9: From Edsa

Turn right at Annapolis, right at Eisenhower, left at Club Filipino, Ortigas Avenue to Greenhills Shopping Center

Route 10: From Edsa

Turn right at Connecticut, Ortigas Avenue to Greenhills Shopping Center

For Baclaran, Paranaque City

Route 11: From Edsa

Take Edsa – Tramo flyover, right at Andrews Avenue, straight to Airport Road, right at Roxas Boulevard, take Service Road, Redemptorist to destination

Route 12: From Manila area

Along Roxas Blvd., take a U-turn at Airport Road, take Service Road Redemptorist to destination.

For Carriedo, Manila City

Route 13: From Manila Area

From Taft Avenue, take Ayala Blvd., left at Carlos Palanca (Echague), Carriedo Street to destination

Route 14: From Manila area

From Padre Burgos, take Jones Bridge, right at Muelle del Blanco National, Plaza Lacson, Carriedo to destination

For Divisoria, Manila

Route 15: From Dapitan Zuki Market

Take AH Lacson Avenue, left at Tayuman Street, left at Dagupan Street to Divisoria.

Route 16: From Roxas Boulevard

Right at Claro M. Recto, straight to Divisoria.

Route 17: From Road 10

Left at Moriones Street, right at Dagupan Street to Divisoria. (PNA)



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