SC also planned to erect tall edifice in same area where Torre de Manila now stands

August 5, 2015 5:08 am 

By Perfecto T. Raymundo

MANILA, Aug. 4 (PNA) — The Supreme Court (SC) had also planned to construct a tall building in the same place where Torre de Manila now stands.

This was extricated in the middle of the oral argument before the SC on Tuesday in connection with the case filed by the Knights of Rizal (KOR) against the DMCI Homes (DMCI), the developer and owner of Torre de Manila.

According to Atty. Victor Lazatin, counsel of DMCI, it was in 2005 when the construction of the 30-floor Manila Hall of Justice in the old place of Jai-Alai building was planned, however, this plan was not executed.

Lazatin brought up the said plans of the SC, together with the Department of Justice (DOJ), in connection with the construction of Manila Hall of Justice, when he replied on the question of Associate Justice Francis H. Jardeleza.

Jardeleza earlier asked Lazatin why the DMCI had chosen the said place to construct the Torre de Manila, when in fact, it ruins the culture and belief of the Filipinos who have utmost distinction for Gat. Jose P. Rizal?

Lazatin added that he himself has distinction and belief in Jose Rizal because of his deeds, but Rizal is not God.

He even sarcastically said that the monument of Rizal in Luneta Park has no "super constitutional power" with a "laser sword" and all buildings that will be hit by it should be destroyed. (PNA)



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