DOH-MIMAROPA initiates probe on child's death after the deworming activity in Palawan last week

August 4, 2015 5:20 am 

MANILA, Aug. 3 — The Department of Health (DOH)- MIMAROPA said on Monday it is investigating the real cause of death of a child in Puerto Princesa City, Palawan last week to prove that the death was not related to the deworming activity held on July 29.

“Pinaimbestigahan ko para matiyak na hindi deworming-related… Hindi fatal ang deworming drugs. (We called for an investigation about this to find out the real cause of death and to prove that such was not due to deworming… Deworming drugs are not fatal,” DOH-MIMAROPA Regional Director Eduardo C. Janairo said.

He explained that it is a normal reaction of the body to flush out the residues of the deworming tablet or any other drugs within 24 hours as it takes effect upon intake.

Director Janairo said that based on medical reports they partially gathered, the child complained of abdominal pain in the lower quadrant of the body a day after taking the chewable deworming tablet.

Instead of bringing immediately the child to the nearest hospital for consultation, the parents allegedly resorted to self-medication and asked the child to take other “health remedies” on the same day, Dr. Janairo said.

When the child complained later of difficulty to defecate, the parents decided to bring him to a private clinic where he vomited a “clear and yellow liquid” last Friday.

The child seemed to get better after he vomited and defecated afterward, but to the parents' surprise, the child fainted a few hours later.

Since the private clinic does not have the necessary equipment like oxygen to treat the child, the physician advised the parents to transfer the patient to the Ospital ng Palawan in Puerto Princesa City.

However, the report said the child died before arrival at the hospital.

Dr. Janairo said the DOH-MIMAROPA is conducting the investigation to establish a clear finding on the cause of the death of the child because they are sure that the chewable deworming tablet (albendazole) meant to deworm the child is safe, immediately takes effect within 24 hours and has no lasting effects days after its intake.

The DOH official explains that the residue of the drugs is not maintained in the body of the one who takes it, and the tendency is to flush it out from the body within 24 hours either through vomiting or defecation as it takes effect or works to target the intestinal parasites.

The deworming activity conducted in MIMAROPA on July 29 was part of the National School Deworming Day (NSDD) activity of the DOH with the assistance of the World Health Organization (WHO) which has assured that the deworming drugs administered to the children are safe.

The deworming tablets are meant to remove the parasitic worms or soil-transmitted helminthiasis (STH) from the body of a child.

The STH causes the slow growth of children and poor performance in school

The deworming activity is an initiative of the government to ensure that children are healthy as an investment on their health because the young children of today will contribute to the country's economic development when they grow. (PNA)



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