(Feature) Electronic lab training for women now new boon at TESDA

June 24, 2015 10:09 am 

By Lily O. Ramos

MANILA, June 23 (PNA) — If women are now at par with men when it comes to welding which has enabled countless of them to earn unusually big salary on local and international jobs, here comes another field for the fairer sex to capture.

Very recently, the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority(TESDA) and Samsung Electronics Philippines Corporation (SEPCO) of South Korea decided to pilot a women's training at the TESDA Women's Center in Taguig City.

Too many unrepaired appliances that are even thrown out by homes are adding much garbage and space problems everywhere in the world which contributes to the great environmental troubles at present.

This is where TESDA and SEPCO decided to join hands by providing high skills and knowledge to women who care best for their families yet want to augment their income.

This time, the pilot trainees tinker with electronic gadgets on their way to becoming competent electronics repairmen or technicians.

Women are preferred because they are supposed to be more careful and pay attention to details for a real grand finish of their repair work.

TESDA Director-General Joel Villanueva said that actually the project aims to improve service delivery through a workforce that is highly knowledgeable in the electronic sector, particularly with Samsung's several hundreds of products and cutting edge inventions.

"The laboratory will be a hub for learning, building, playing, creating, innovating, and we could not thank Samsung enough for working with TESDA to put this up," Villanueva told media men.

The first 500 trainees will undergo a two-phased training for five months. The first phase would be a two-month in-service training at the TWC and three months in in-plant training to be accredited by Samsung service centers.

Of course, the agreement includes a donation from SEPCO of all the necessary serviceable equipment, tools and training materials to be used for the training of students and a seven-day training of trainers.

The partnership program, first conceptualized in 2004, seeks to ensure the availability of a pool of highly-skilled workers in the electronics industry.

It will also give the graduates a chance to get jobs immediately and to specialize in the repair of Samsung products like audio-video equipment, domestic appliances such as washing machines, microwave ovens, vacuum cleaners, hand held phones, refrigerators and air-conditioning units.

The trainees will also be exposed to new Samsung technologies such as the touch screen handheld phones and tablets.

The training program is adopting the Dual Training System where accredited SEPCO service centers have developed a training plan that synchronizes the learning in school and in the service centers.

What's more, trainees will be given a monthly allowance by SEPCO at PhP7,079.75 a day for the whole duration of their in-plant training at the service centers.

This gives so much joy and inspiration to the current 26 trainees enrolled under the DTS and may be deployed by August to 24 SEPCO centers for the on-the-job training.

Villanueva said that this program is a big preparation for the ASEAN Economic Integration in 2016 where there will be borderless employment.

He added that the electronics and semiconductor industry is among the growth drivers of the Philippine economy.

According to the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA), the exports value of electronics products reached USD 2.2 billion in June 2015, up by 10.7 percent compared to USD 2.0 in the same period last year.

So, for women who wish to increase their employability, specially if their husband is not earning well or their family is just too large to support and early death on one of the pillars of the house occurs unexpectedly, see TESDA Deputy Director General for Operations Teodoro Pascua, and Maria Clara Ignacio, chief of TESDA Women's Center.

You may also get in touch with Nos. 887-7777, 0917-4794370 or www.facebook.com/tesdaofficial. (PNA)



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