Newly designated OIC PNP provincial director assumes office Thursday; set to meet with gov

June 17, 2015 5:14 am 

DUMAGUETE CITY, June 16 –- The newly designated OIC provincial police director of Negros Oriental, Sr. Supt. Dionardo Carlos, will finally assume his post Thursday and will immediately pay a courtesy call on Governor Roel Degamo.

Philippine National Police (PNP) Regional Office 7 (PRO-7) issued Tuesday General Order Number 902 terminating the designation of Sr. Supt. Mariano Natu-el, Jr. as the Negros Oriental OIC provincial police director and designating Sr. Supt. Carlos.

The implementing order from the PRO-7 came in the heels of pronouncements made by Gov. Degamo that he was rejecting the designation of Sr. Supt. Carlos as OIC PNP director of the Negros Oriental PNP Provincial Office (NOPPO) saying that the selection process was bypassed.

Degamo was referring to the designation order signed by Police Director Dominador Eslava Aquino of the Directorate for Personnel and Records Management of the PNP National Headquarters designating Sr. Supt. Carlos to the NOPPO

According to the governor, he had no idea that Carlos was to be assigned as OIC provincial director of Negros Oriental.

Degamo last week called PRO-7 regional director P/Chief Supt. Prudencio Tom Bañas and asked that the designation order of Sr. Supt. Carlos from the national PNP headquarters be put on hold until after he had a talk with Interior Secretary Mar Roxas during the 117th Independence Day celebration in Iloilo Saturday.

The governor could not be reached for comment Tuesday on this latest development. It was not immediately known whether he would accept Carlos.

Meanwhile, Sr. Supt. Carlos said his first order of the day when he assumes office Thursday will be to pay a courtesy call on Governor Degamo.

He stressed that getting the governor’s approval, support and cooperation is vital for the NOPPO to be successful in the implementation of its programs and projects.

Carlos said he will explain to the governor a communications project that will boost and strengthen NOPPO to effectively communicate with the community.

The NOPPO also received Tuesday a fax copy of the PRO-7 implementing order on Carlos’ designation.

Sr. Supt. Carlos said he will also meet with Sr. Supt. Natu-el at NOPPO shortly before the call on the governor. (PNA)



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