Polangueños start counting down to Pulang-Angui Fest

June 2, 2015 5:19 am 

By Cyndi Jocelle E. Orolfo

POLANGUI, Albay, June 1 (PNA) — While the rainy days are upon everybody as summer is dragging out its final days, Polangueños have something red planned to keep the rainy blues away: the annual Pulang-Angui Festival which will start on June 4.

The festival tells of the legend of the town’s most beautiful woman.

According to the legend, Pulang Angui, or Red Maria, is the story of a maiden known for her beauty and love for wearing red dresses.

Angui, a local term for Maria, was the object of affection by hunters due to her modesty and beauty.

Upon the arrival of the Spaniards in Polangui, they asked for the name of the place.

The natives, thinking the foreigners were asking for the tribe’s most beautiful lady, answered Pulang Angui.

The name was then recorded as the name of the place, and later evolved into Polangui.

The month-long celebration relives the origin of the town, which is then reenacted in the street-dance presentation.

The town fiesta also coincides with the festival, which is then highlighted by a civil and military parade.

According to Imma L. Santayan, municipal community affairs officer, the local government has been working to upgrade the festival every year.

“Dati civil and military parade lang ‘pag town fiesta di ba? Ngayon every year nag-a-upgrade and festival, may Mutya, concert, ” Santayan said.

Last year’s festival featured a performance by Gloc-9, a photo contest and workshop, and a mural contest, among many others.

One highlight of this year’s festival will be the First Mayor Cherry Mella Sampal Film Festival called the “Cine Polangueño 15”.

The short-film festival will feature works from students of Bicol University-Polangui.

Santayan said the local government of Polangui is already hard at work preparing for the festivities.

This year’s festival highlights will include a motorcross, cosplay, fun run, vendor’s night, farmer’s night, kalamay-eating contest, and The Voice of Bicolandia.(PNA)



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