36 honest airport personnel honored in flag-raising ceremony

June 2, 2015 4:32 am 

MANILA, June 1 — An airport chief on Monday’s flag-raising ceremony commended 36 employees of the Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) for showing honesty by reporting lost items found at the airport’s premises.

During the ceremony, MIAA general manager Jose Angel Honrado took pride in saying that despite the criticisms against the airport and its staff, many still standout and serve as a good example for other employees.

“Management is grateful for having employees who are diligent and honest in their work,” Honrado said. “They are the pride of MIAA.”

In the same ceremony, airport personnel were given certificates as well as a complimentary breakfast buffet, care of the General Manager’s office.

The 36 airport personnel awarded during the last ceremony consisted of airport police, janitors, taxi drivers, among others.

Among the personnel commended was airport security guard Danny Namion, who returned roughly half a million pesos (US$ 10,700 and Php1,600 in cash) and a laptop to a passenger at Terminal 1 late in April.

Honrado said that Namion “not only practiced honesty but also generosity” as he shared to his co-workers the US$ 300 reward money he received from the owner of the items which he returned.

Airport police officers Jesus Ducusin, and Roderick Mejia were also commended for apprehending a taxi driver for overcharging fare and non-issuance of receipt to an airport passenger in the same terminal last February.

Taxi driver Christopher Obiano, meanwhile, was recognized for turning over a Samsung cellular phone, which he found inside his cab last April.

There were also two Terminal 3 building attendants — Albert Jaranilla who turned over to proper authorities an Indian passport which he found at the Arrival area of Terminal 3 last March; and Leticia Labiang who turned over a plastic envelope containing a passport and assorted tickets which she found inside a female restroom. (PNA)



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