Diarrhea downs 34 GenSan villagers

April 30, 2015 6:56 am 

GENERAL SANTOS CITY, April 29 — At least 34 residents from a remote village here were hospitalized in the last several days due to a suspected diarrhea outbreak.

Dr. Amanda Robosa, medical officer of the City Health Office, said Wednesday the outbreak mainly affected two outskirt communities of Barangay Upper Labay here.

She said the diarrhea cases started to emerge late last week and was initially believed to have been caused by a contaminated drinking water resource in the area.

“Most of the victims were adults and have already recovered,” she said in an interview over a local television station.

Residents claimed the outbreak started after the area’s main drinking water resource started to taste and smell unusually foul.

The area’s residents, specifically those of Puroks 7 and Almotak, draw their drinking water from rubber pipes attached to a spring water resource at an upland portion of Barangay Upper Labay.

Rosario Malig-on, a local resident, said her two grandchildren exhibited diarrhea-like symptoms after drinking the “foul-tasting” water.

Robosa said the area’s drinking water might have been contaminated due to some openings in portions of the rubber pipes.

“The prevailing intense dry weather could have also triggered some reactions on the pipes and eventually triggered the contamination,” she said.

Robosa said they are currently evaluating the area’s other water resources to determine whether they were also contaminated.

“So far, we have already contained the diarrhea cases but we need to still trace its actual cause,” she said.

She said they already sent samples and rectal swabs of the victims to confirm the type of micro-organisms that caused the rise in diarrhea cases.

In the meantime, Robosa said they advised residents to practice proper hygiene like regular hand washing and properly boil their drinking water.

“We also educated them about some alternative treatments in case they will have problems accessing medicines later on,” she added. (PNA)



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