Saudi Arabia moves heavy weaponry to border with Yemen

March 27, 2015 2:19 am 

TEHRAN, March 26 — Saudi Arabia has moved heavy weaponry to its border with Yemen, Press-TV channel said on Thursday.

Meanwhile, Yemeni movement Ansar Allah announced a bounty of USD 100,000 for capturing President Abd Rabbah Mansure Hadi, who fled the country to Oman on Thursday, the channel added.

Crisis in Yemen

Since August 2014, Yemen has been hit by a severe political and security crisis. In late January, the armed groups of Ansar Allah (Houthi rebels) forced the president and the government to announce resignation.

The rebels later took control of the country’s capital and several northern provinces. They also announced the adoption of the so-called constitutional declaration.

Overnight to March 26, Saudi Arabia launched a military operation in the neighboring country and delivered air strikes at several Houthi positions.

Pro-government forces regained control of the Aden airport early on Thursday. (PNA/TASS)



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