Man bitten by dog in Bataan shows symptoms of rabies; many who ate dog meat asked to go hospital

March 17, 2015 2:17 am 

ORION, Bataan, March 16 — A man bitten by his own dog in this town on Saturday showed signs of rabies and many, including children, who have eaten the dog meat were advised to go to the hospital.

Dr. Aristotle Acuna, attending physician at the Bataan General Hospital in Balanga City, said Carlito Barientos, 53-year-old taho peddler, showed signs of hydrophobia and aerophobia, manifestations of rabies infection.

Barientos was brought to the BGH Saturday night and immediately transferred to the San Lazaro Hospital in Manila for observation.

“The patient is so afraid when he saw water and he cannot tolerate seeing water in front of him. He is also scared as if like drowning when blown even gently by electric fan,” Acuna said.

He said that these are clear signs that patient has already rabies in his brains.

“Based on studies, if there are such symptoms, the rabies might have already reached at the patient’s brain, which is fatal,” the doctor said.

Informed that many partook in eating the dog meat, Acuna issued an appeal.

“We are asking those who ate the dog meat to go to the nearest Animal Bite Center or to the San Lazaro Hospital because there is a big chance that they might able be affected by rabies,” he said.

On members of the family who were exposed to the patient, Acuna advised them to seek medical help.

“It is better that they be given prophylaxis or anti-rabies vaccination,” he said.

”Do not ignored the dog bite. It might take more than a year before the rabies manifest or depends when the rabies reach the brain,” Acuna said.

Ruby Barientos, sister-in-law of the patient, said many, including children ate the dog meat after the dog was butchered by victim.

She said that in her family alone, two adult children and one 9-year-old boy ate the dog meat. She was still checking if her 2-year-old child also took it for meal.

“We are asking help to the government for free anti-rabies vaccines. There are lot of those who ate the dog meat and it is so pity especially to the children,” Ruby said.

Leonora Barientos, 58, said her husband was bitten in the foot and hand by their dog, that has just gave birth, in their house last December 28, 2014.

“He went to the quack doctor and gave him medicines. He did not feel anything bad except that the wounds swollen,” he said.

Leonora said her husband continued with his daily work until last March 12, when he felt very cold.

The next day Friday, victim’s body became itchy. On Saturday, he tried to drink water but could not.

For the first time, after the dog bite, they went to the Orion Health Center Saturday where they were referred to the Bataan General Hospital. (PNA)



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