Tree-hopping adventure near falls below Mt. Samat gains popularity

March 10, 2015 4:19 am 

PILAR, Bataan, March 9 — The tree-hopping adventure in this town is gaining popularity not only to locals but also to visitors from nearby cities and provinces.

Located below the historic Mount Samat, where the murmurs of the majestic Dunsulan Falls can be heard, it is considered to be the first in Central Luzon.

“Amazing!,” answered Beniese Frias, 23, when asked how she felt of the experience hopping from the first to the sixth century-old forest tree.

Frias, who is from Pangasinan, is working in a publishing house in Manila.

She said it was her first visit to Bataan and she came to the province just to try the tree-hopping adventure.

Frias considered the first leg as the toughest for her. It is a 17-meter upward walk to a 30-degree inclined Hanging Stairs.

This is followed by an 11-meter walk to a single rope called the Elvis Dangle, then to the 18-meter walk like a monkey on a single wire with both hands on cable wires known as Monkey Bridge.

What seemed to be breathtaking is the Surfing Board Swing where a flat surfboard is used to traverse the 35-meter zipline.

The shortest, the five-meter King Swing follows to transfer to the last leg, walking 15 meters through the Hanging Bridge.

The tree hopper goes down from the last platform by rappelling down.

"I did really enjoy this tree-hopping adventure that's why I keep coming back here," said 26-year-old May Salamat of nearby Barangay Liyang.

The tree-hopping adventure, a project of the Pilar municipal government under Mayor Alice Pizarro, opened a year ago.

The fee is Php300 per person. (PNA)



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