Are electric vehicles now the future of Filipino transportation?

March 4, 2015 11:22 am 

By Lily O Ramos

MANILA,March 3 (PNA)– Are electric jeepneys, electric tricycles and electric bikes that do not emit air pollution while giving comfort and style to riders the future Filipino transport mode?

Manufacture of such wonderful transportation with such goal that’s favorable to the environment, climate, people and living things is becoming a robust industry that should be of help to the country’s economy.

While only Makati, Mandaluyong and Alabang and some parts of Quezon city are implementing the use of EVs now,the EVAP or Electric Vehicle Association of the Philippines say that even if they are yet far from a million count, they will make it in 2020 if they get enough support from the public and the government sector as well.

Other countries like the US , China, Monaco, Ireland, Canada and the United Kingdom are now fast-tracking their EV program and so are several countries in Europe such as Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Greece, Iceland, Norway, Sweden are up on the bench.

The Philippines should become the hub of EV industry in Asia if it gets every stakeholder to cooperate in expanding the program

Who would not appreciate traveling several miles and fill up with electricity only after an eight-hour travel on the road?

An EV jeepney would likely save 40 per cent of fuel budget with electricity than that of the normal gas up, says EVAP.

What’s more, a healthy electric vehicle industry will generate around 10,000 jobs including the upstream and downstream industries.

An estimated additional Php 689.52 million in withholding tax will be collected within four years and a multiplier effect on generated sales is estimated to be five times or Php 167 billion if the industry prospers. (PNA)



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