‘Coaches must never stop learning’: ex AdDU basketball coach (Sports)

January 26, 2015 11:49 am 

DAVAO CITY, Jan. 25 – “Coaches must never stop learning,” this was the message of Emmanuel Rene “Coach Noli” Ayo, University Athletics Director of the Ateneo de Davao University during the 2nd ADDU Coaches’ Forum held Friday, January 23 at the ADDU Matina Conference room.

Ayo, a former basketball coach and sports director of Ateneo de Naga University, talked to more than 50 coaches coming from all over the country on the topic "Identifying The Strengths Among Us: The Power of Empowerment and Collaboration".

He said a “coach is a teacher first and that he should never stop learning. We can only teach what we know. If we know less, we teach less. If we know more, imagine the possibilities of new knowledge we can teach the young minds under our care,” he said.

Ayo said that a “coach is first and foremost a teacher. “ And that “it is his responsibility to teach. It will be difficult for a coach to instil a learning culture to his team if he himself does not have that culture in him.”

“We should have the thirst for knowledge – to never stop learning. It is only through then that we can continuously teach.”

Ayo said that a young coach can learn from the wisdom of a good teacher -– never lose the thirst to learn; never settle to rely only in what you know; never be contended with the average; push mediocrity aside; love your students; make it a responsibility to try to dream that you can truly change the world regardless of how small you think you are.

“Be humble to tell the next generation our shortcomings and our failures, Allow them to learn from us and be better than us,” said Ayo.

Ayo said that the country is in need of good leaders in sports.

“We have plenty of sports officials but few visionaries, doers and leaders. We have more than enough participants in games but less of catalysts of change. We have plenty of plans and dreams but less of inspiration and hope,” Ayo said.<pAyo told coaches to “use that power to influence the next generation, use that power well and keep on learning.”

The Coaches’ Forum is one of the programs of ADDU whose purpose is to educate, provide new information and to guide coaches in reflecting and discovering more that they can do for their team and their immediate society.

Aside from Ayo, the other speakers were American psychologist Mark Fleming of University of Virginia, USA, former Philippine Little Azkals Under 16 football team captain Jed Diamante of ADDU and Paul Dizon of SMARTS Sports Marketing. (PNA)



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