CHR probes death of woman following delivery; will summon midwife, mayor to shed light

December 16, 2014 6:15 am 

DUMAGUETE CITY, Dec. 15 -– The Commission on Human Rights (CHR) in Negros Oriental will soon conduct a formal investigation on the circumstances surrounding the death of a woman at the provincial hospital shortly after giving birth last month.

CHR lone special investigator for Negros Oriental, Dr. Jess Cañete, D.P.A., on Monday disclosed he first took the affidavit of the complainant, Nishel Geroquia, married, of legal age, a resident of Alangilanan, Manjuyod, Negros Oriental.

Geroquia had sought the assistance of the CHR in relation to the death of her sister, Nerissa Cordova, who she alleged died of perceived negligence after having delivered her baby at the Manjuyod Health Center in Manjuyod, Negros Oriental.

She identified the respondents of her complaint as Ludy Abordo, a midwife, and Jean Go, a nursing assistant of the Manjuyod Health Center, and Manjuyod Mayor Felix Sy.

Geroquia, in her affidavit, stated that last November 20 around 1 p.m., her sister started to have labor pains and was brought to the said health center where she was first attended to by a certain Lydia.

About 8 p.m. of the same day, another midwife, Ludy Abordo, took over the duties, she added.

Geroquia narrated to Cañete and in her affidavit that at around 8 a.m. the following day, November 21st, her sister was about to give birth and the midwife, Ludy Abordo, allegedly asked them to step out of the delivery room of the health center.

Thereafter, the newborn baby girl was handed to Geroquia by Abordo, who soon left the health center, apparently as she was already off duty, Cañete said.

The midwife-reliever, a certain Maritess, later called her in and showed to her what looked like an inverted uterus of the woman who has given birth.

Maritess then recommended that the mother be transferred immediately to the Negros Oriental Provincial Hospital (NOPH) in Dumaguete, according to Geroquia.

Geroquia went on to say that a request for an ambulance was made with the approval of the town mayor to transfer the patient to the NOPH around 11 a.m. that day.

Doctors at the provincial hospital immediately attended to Nerissa Cordova, but she died shortly after 1 p.m. of the same day.

According to Geroquia, one of the doctors at the NOPH told her that her sister was already in distress while in transit to Dumaguete City and that she died of an inverted uterus, possibly caused by a “forceful” delivery of the baby.

Dr. Cañete disclosed the death certificate signed by Dr. Crystal Anne Centeno showed the causes of death were multi-organ failure, uterine inversion and hypotensive shock.

The CHR chief explained that before he proceeds with his investigation, he has asked the complainant, Geroquia, to obtain a copy of the medical records of her deceased sister.

In the meantime, he will issue a subpoena for the respondents to also file their counter-affidavits, he added.

Cañete explained Mayor Sy’s alleged involvement in this complaint revolves around his alleged unfair intervention in the days that followed Cordova’s death.

Geroquia claimed that the mayor intervened during a hearing at Barangay Maaslom on a complaint they leveled with the barangay council against the midwife, Ludy Abordo.

Abordo hails from Maaslom, Manjuyod, Geroquia told the CHR chief.

According to Geroquia, the barangay chairman, Ricky Soreño, had started the hearing when the mayor allegedly butted in.

She further alleged the mayor was surrounded by his bodyguards which intimidated her.

Cañete said he will seek medical expertise to review the medical report or record of the deceased to determine whether there was negligence on the part of the respondents before he will begin his investigation. (PNA)



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