Calamba City unifies various tricycle operators and drivers associations

December 16, 2014 6:15 am 

By Zen Trinidad and Robert Maico

CALAMBA CITY, Laguna, Dec. 15 (PNA) — The Office of the Sectoral Affairs (OSA) of the city convened presidents of various Tricycle Operators Drivers Associations (TODA) operating in the city at the 2nd floor lobby of the New City Hall this morning.

In an interview with the Philippines News Agency (PNA), Millet Rivano, the head of OSA, said that it is high time that TODAs in the city form into one body or confederation to elect officers that will represent the sector in the Local Development Council (LDC).

”We are forming an organization out of various TODAs in Calamba so that if there is a meeting of the Local Development Council, their group has a representative,” Rivano said. “As a sector of the city, we will look into the support we can give them to improve their condition,” she said.

Rivano narrated that in Naga City, the unified TODAs had grown and developed over time and now owns a cooperative and an eatery. “Like in Naga City, the unified organizations (TODAs) started with a small cooperative selling spare parts. Now, they have their own building and a canteen. We can also make it here in Calamba,” Rivano said.

The other purpose of the meeting, Rivano said, “is to inform the drivers and operators through their respective leaders that the deadline of the franchising and the issuance of certificate of public convenience is until December 20 [2014] and we noticed that a little over 50 percent has registered, and few days is left for the deadline.”

Rivano said that of the total 7,500 tricycles plying the city, less than 4,000 had registered as of Friday (December 12).

Moreover, it was discussed in the meeting the penalties for violations in connection with franchise as stated in the Joint Administrative Order No. 2014-01 of the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) dated June 2, 2014.

Under the said order, operating with no franchise or a Certificate of Public Convenience (CPC) presented during apprehension or carried inside the motor vehicle carries the following penalty: 1st offense, a fine of Php 5,000. For the second offense, a fine of Php 10,000 and impounding of unit for 30 days. And for the 3rd and subsequent offenses, a fine of Php 15,000 and cancellation of CPC where the unit is authorized.

As head of the Sectoral Affairs, Rivano convinced the leaders to spread the information to their colleagues to avoid stiffer penalties. “It is better for them to pay the franchise fee of Php 1,500 than to pay the penalty of Php 5,000 including other penalties of other offenses committed during apprehension by the Land Transportation Office (LTO) enforcers,” she said.

Boyet Paner, a staff of OSA, said that there is a need to inform and re-inform tricycle drivers and operators of the offenses and the corresponding penalties embodied in the revised schedule of fines and penalties of the Joint Administrative Order No. 2014-01 for their interest.

”Lack of knowledge of the offenses and penalties under this order (Joint Administrative Order No. 2014-01) costs more than by following the law,” Paner said. “That is why their a need to inform and re-inform the operators and drivers through this kind of meeting.”

During the said meeting attended by 32 presidents and nine representatives of their respective TODA, it was resolved that they would form the PASATODA (Pagkakaisa ng mga Samahan ng TODA) in January, 2015. (PNA)



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