Benchmarking of maternal, child health set

November 21, 2014 12:05 pm 

ILOILO, Nov. 20 — The Provincial Population Office is set to start a survey on services involving maternal and child care in inter-local health zones of geographically isolated and disadvantaged areas in the province.

The benchmarking on maternal, neonatal, child health and nutrition services will commence by December in the service areas of three remote hospitals assisted by Korea International Cooperation Agency.

These are the Aleosan District Hospital in Alimodian, Jesus M. Colmenares District Hospital in Balasan and Ricardo S. Provido Sr. District Hospital in Calinog. Aside from the host towns, these hospitals provide services to neighboring towns such as Leon, San Miguel, Batad, Carles, Estancia and Bingawan.

To come up with benchmark information, PPO will mobilize 466 Barangay Service Point Officers and 1,552 Barangay Health Workers to get the socio-economic and demographics in 78,891 households (as of 2014) in the service areas of the three hospitals.

The results of this data gathering will be the basis of the provincial government in developing plans and strategies to strengthen the health systems in these remote areas. It will also be used by KOICA to identify areas where they can be of further assistance.

Provincial Population Ramon Yee said the data will also be useful for planners, policy makers, program implementers and other stakeholders for their information and utilization.

A subsequent data gathering will also be held year after to measure the status of health service delivery and to formulate possible interventions in areas that need improvement.

The results of the data gathering will be formally presented in the planning workshop of the members of the inter-local health zones of the three hospitals in February 2015.

On the same month, a book report of the result will be published and distributed to all stakeholders for utilization in population and development planning, policy formulation and program implementation. (PNA)



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