Rice awareness campaign on in Iloilo City

November 12, 2014 11:25 am 

ILOILO CITY, Nov. 11 -– Food outlets in this city including fast food restaurants and school and government cafeterias are enjoined to participate in the one-month celebration this November of the National Rice Awareness Month with the serving of nutritious brown rice and rice mix.

Agriculture Assistant Regional Director Joyce Wendam and Manuel Olanday of the crops division jointly pitched for brown rice which contains higher amount of protein, fiber, vitamin, minerals and antioxidants than the white milled rice.

The whole grain unpolished kernels have a distinct brown or tan color, nutty taste and chewy texture and is rich in healthy natural oils shown to prevent heart disease due to decrease in serum cholesterol which is a major risk factor for heart disease.

The Brown Rice Day is slated on Friday, November 14, to encourage the serving of brown rice in canteens and cafeterias and at Jollibee JM Basa as initial fast food to serve brown rice.

Wendam said the Rice Mix Day is slated on November 21, when households and food outlets are encouraged to serve rice-corn mix, rice-camote mix or rice-adlai mix and other staples such as banana, potato, cassava, sweet potato and gabi as alternative staple to offset rice consumption.

Meanwhile, the simultaneous nationwide Run4Riceponsibility will be held November 29 at 5 p.m. In Iloilo City, the fun run will start at the Freedom Grandstand up to the DA regional office.

Olanday said that every Filipino wastes about two tablespoons of cooked rice or 9 grams of uncooked rice daily. In 2010, wasted rice was equivalent to 13 percent of the total rice imports of the same year or equivalent to P6.2 billion or the consumption of nearly 2.6 million Filipinos a year.

To be able to become Riceponsible, farmers are encouraged to use efficient technologies to increase productivity and reduce production-related wastage, and to access rice information in different publications and technology bulletins.

Policy makers especially legislators are encouraged to create ordinances requiring the serving of half cup of rice, create resolutions to serve healthier rice options and implement more stringent rules for those offering eat-all-you-can or rice-all-you-can promos. (PNA)



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